5 Best flowers selection for a birthday

5 Best flowers selection for a birthday

Now I am writing you below the list of the 5 best flowers to give on a birthday.
They all are a perfect choise and birthday gift idea!
We began to wonder how we could personalise our arrangements to make sure our birthday flowers and bouquets not only contain the best seasonal blooms available on that day but have a special significance in connecting with their recipients’ date of birth.


1.    Lilies

Lilies represent happiness and positivity, making them the ideal birthday flower. Send your mum, grandma, sister or friend a bunch of lilies or even a Peace Lillie plant and light up her day!

2.    Orchids

The exotic and stunning orchid conveys a special moment between, which means they’re a perfect surprise for your wife or girlfriend. Beauty, love and strength and common meanings associated with the orchid, and come in variety of colors

3.    Roses

Roses need no introduction – but their colours might. Red, of course, symbolises romantic love, beauty, respect and passion. But you might no know that white represents purity, innocence and youth; yellow of joy, friendship and new beginnings; and pink speaks of appreciation, happiness and admiration. Yellow and pink roses are great flowers to give to friends.

4.    Gladiolus

The Gladiolus flower expresses your infatuation. Tell your wife or girlfriend that you’re relationship is strong, full of character and honourable by giving her a bouquet of Gladiolus.

5.    Gerberas

Brighten your friend’s day with a bouquet of gerberas. Representing innocence and cheerfulness, they’re a great all-rounder flower for the birthday that can be given to women of any age.

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